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Billy Graham, Jesus, and Hip Hop? Yep.

Billy Graham and rap star Lacrae together? Absolutely. The greatest evangelist of our day and one of many popular Christian artists of the hip hop culture collaborated in 2014 in an effort to take a never-changing Gospel to an ever-changing society. And yet, much of “evangelical Christianity and church systems” reject the idea that Jesus should be presented in a culture such as hip hop. I am unwilling to criticize a man like Billy Graham, and he has given a gift to many old school pastors allowing them to safely bring their churches to the realization that, although we may not like many modern cultural trends, they are here to stay and are an avenue Jesus can use to reach the lost and the wandering.

We are charged with taking the Gospel to “all the world” and “to every creature.” But more than that, Jesus also said, “Ye are the salt…of the earth.” Why do we need salt? We need salt to make foods that are good for us more palatable so we will accept it. No one likes plain broccoli so we add salt to make it something that is palatable. Jesus told us that He is what people need, but we are to be the salt that makes the message attractive to that those who need it. This is the logical next thought after the Psalmist said, “O taste and see that the Lord is good,” but the unsaved world will not taste unless we add salt. As the Apostle Paul reminded us that he would “become all things to all men so that he might by all means save some.”

Or we can stand our ground and resist all but the most traditional forms of worship and witnessing, but to do so we must somehow think we are more in tune with the Gospel than the Apostle Paul and Billy Graham. Arrogance and stupidity are nearly identical twins, neither of which have God as their Father.


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