What to Expect

People like to know what to expect when they are looking for a new church. At New Hope Delaware,  we are definitely a family.  Most people come to church early (and some stay late) just to be able to spend time together. Our family is friendly and caring.  While we encourage a family integrated environment, we offer children’s church for ages three through sixth grade on Sunday, as well as staffed nurseries for our littler ones. After meeting in a rented building downtown for the first three years after our church started, we now meet in a simple building we own that was provided by God and remodeled by our New Hope family. People are welcome to come as they are, including in their dress. Some folks “dress up”, but one is just as likely to see shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops.  We sing a variety of worship music, from contemporary music to old hymns.  We want everyone to be comfortable so that God can speak to their hearts and meet their needs. New Hope Delaware believes the Lord has called our church to meet the needs of all people in the Delaware community.


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